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At Life On Plants, our suppliers become our friends. The chef-supplier relationship is key to success for both parties. To consistently produce healthy, delicious, and ethical food it is of the utmost importance we develop good relationships with our suppliers and growers.

We believe in working with nature and adapting our menus to showcase seasonally available ingredients.


After moving to Phuket in 2018, I’ve been inspired by the wide range of available ingredients in Thailand. It’s a great place for a plant-based chef. However, finding clean and organic produce can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.

Listed below are the suppliers and growers we work with to get the best ingredients for our menu programs focused on health.

If you’re a supplier or grower interested in collaborating, feel free to get in touch. We’re always looking for ethically and responsibly produced ingredients.


Our Core Values

  • Ethically sourced ingredients – 100% plant-based & vegan
  • Locally and seasonally sourced ingredients
  • As organic as possible
  • Non-GMO foods
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Holistically balanced food not based on a fad diet
  • Convenience with a conscience

We do our utmost to ensure that the food we produce is sourced and served in an ethical and environmentally friendly way.

Life On Plants makes ethically based buying decisions, and as an environmentally conscious business, we take our responsibility to nature seriously.

We are opposed to the mistreatment of animals and we are committed to sourcing all of our products ethically and responsibly.

We operate a Zero Waste Kitchen. All our trimmings and peelings are composted and utilized to make organic soil for growing herbs and vegetables that we incorporate back into the menu.

Our Suppliers

Organic Fruits & Vegetables – Local


Phuket Spirulina

Wolffia Globosa



Black Garlic



Real Vanilla

Organic Tea

Plant-Based Protein Supplements


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